About Us

The Great Gay 5K started when Claire and RJ realized their love of throwing epic 5K races in the local community.

Originally, RJ and Claire launched The Great Mother’s Day Race and The Great Father’s Day Race in Tampa and Sarasota. The races were geared towards families looking to create a fun and exciting annual family tradition. But they knew they could support the community in more ways, and with love and pride, they decided to launch the LGBT+ race: The Great Gay 5K. This 5K is not just for the LGBT+ community, it is for supporters, partners, families, and those who love to exercise!

About Us

Claire Selius– Claire has moved around most of her life, but spent her younger years in snowy Ohio. She grew up playing almost all sports, but got involved with ultimate Frisbee at Edinboro University and found her favorite. After captaining the USF women’s Frisbee team for 2 years, Claire now plays on various club teams in the Tampa Bay area. Florida was a dream, and then Claire got into USF for grad school. It was then she found her brother from another mother, RJ. Running is a hobby to stay in shape, but RJ would smoke her in any race. She is a proud member of the LGBT+ community and currently lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with her Cockapoo, Yatzee.

Email Claire at claireselius@gmail.com

RJ Huebert– RJ is originally from Erie, PA and from an early age has been active, starting with playing ice hockey, and then graduating to long distance running. An avid runner, he has completed four marathons, all at Disney World, and multiple half marathons, as well as 5Ks. It was through this love of running that he knew that he could give back to the race community. RJ is a proud supporter of the LGBT+ community, and lives in Tampa, FL with his chocolate lab Coco.

Email RJ at robert.huebert@gmail.com